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The whitewashed Kostantakis “Spilia” (Cave) opens its wooden doors and welcomes you to try its new production of uniquely flavored wines.
Exceptional Cycladic Aromas
At the foot of a low hill dominated by the family guesthouse bungalows, large natural caves were configured to accommodate the facilities of the new Kostantakis winery. Kostas Mallis (or Kostantakis), continuing the long family tradition in the production of home-made wine, received an official license for his winery in 2012 and, in 2013, he bottled the first Melian wine with the goal of reviving the local vineyard which had been neglected since the 1980’s.
Let us guide you through our winery and initiate you in our island’ s traditional tastes

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Milos Cave Winery

A unique wine tasting experience in an atmospheric environment
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